Nike Air Max Thea

In response to continued demand for more women, Air Max decided to launch a full-size Ladies Air Max model in 2013. In the Air Max Thea, the Nike designers combined the sleek top view of the Air Max 1 with the overall silhouette of the Air Max 90, creating a sneaker that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the women's world. Clear lines and a perfect choice of materials are clearly in the foreground. The toe area is significantly flatter than other members of the Air Max range and the Air window is smaller for aesthetic reasons, but offers the same cushioning properties as the big brothers. The Air Max Thea is available in different versions. The sneaker is classically known for a mix of synthetic overlays and mesh, but Nike also regularly releases the Thea in premium variants with high-quality leather and an elaborate one-piece construction in the forefoot.

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